AlbumVS Impostor V4 with LYRICS!
Release Date2023-01-20
LyricsBlack Imposter:
Hide and run
A night of blood and guns
The fight you thought you won
But now you face a beast you can't escape!

Wring your blood out
And leave your guts out to burn
There's no more hope for you to learn
So now as the clock slowly turns
You yearn for more!
Playing my game!
This world's meant to be damned!
And now the night comes to break you!
There will be few who remain
It's not you!

Alarms blare, and we scream hang in there!
You'll take defeat, and fight
For your life means nothing, so beware

You all played into my ruling
You'rе all such fools!
You believed that thеre's a shot!

No more singing anymore
Now you break beneath the fire
There's no way out!

Call it down, say "it's your fault!"
But you had chose to seethe and mald
And now you cry and weep and groan
About what you though you could have known!

Feet are soon aching
While your demise is in the making
Now you start saying!
"Help me! Please!"
"I gotta save my queen!"
There's no one left for you!
The imposter has got it out for you!
You might also likeSay that I'm violent!
Goin' hot as the sun!
You think that you have won?
No meeting will ever show that you can run!

Firefight, a meeting unhinged
All against 2, kid, you can't win

Slow me down?
Oh no kid, I think not
Imposter never backs down
You know that you'll be caught
Now burn away

Dying, trying, crying, fire
You are burning in the pyre
Nobody will ever miss you
Yet you insist that you'll shine on through

Keep on dying, You can't win
Inside the nightmare, facing sin
You insist, can't resist
And replay again, show you what is in store!

Caught with me
Rotting, you're gonna be
Get back here
I will spray your blood across the walls
And I'll attack!