Yëah - Outro

TitleYëah - Outro
Release Date2022-07-21
Lyrics(You are listening to "Colors" by Airrr)

Yeah ayy, back
Yeah what yeah ay yeah
Yeah (its lit) yeah yeah yeah

(Verse: 1)
This is the end of my track
Im at the end of my stack
Im with the opps
Im with big black
At mickies spending these racks
My boy Glendering, he want a big mac
Yeah what yeah yeah what yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah
(Verse: 2)
Yeah they calling me Yeat
Im like alright bro hop on the feat
Hе's like "naw I belong to the streets"
Im Minеcraft, I being hoeing that wheat
All them opps they claiming Defeat
Pull out the gang, I pull out the fleat

Yeah slattt
Yeah yeah yeah yeah ay yeah yeah yeah yeahYou might also like