Bliss paint

TitleBliss paint
ArtistAndy arnold
Release Date2022-07-10
LyricsBliss paint
Pumpin through my veins
I call it bliss paint
But you can call it whatever you want
I call it bliss paint
But you can call it what you want

Sometimes I feel like life sucks

Bitches laugh at me and they say I'm a disgrace
So I yell at them and I threaten to shoot up the place
Of course I'm not serious but every time I feel threatened I do horrible shit
And sometimes I wish I wasn't myself
I'm banned from every website and community I try to join
I feel like I'm not stable enough to maintain any sort of happiness
Any sense of community is lost within half a month
Sometimes I feel likе nothings gonna be alright
Sometimes I gеt all pessimistic and shit and I think I'm a piece of fucking shit for existin
I go on long tangents for days, I can't fucking control myself
Everything pisses me off for days on end
Last month I went insane for a few days
I felt all lonely and I believed that nobody loved me
I don't want anybody to feel the way I do
To cause suffering on themselves
I wish that 2020 never happened to me
I wish that I wasn't as fucked up as I am now
Sometimes I feel like life sucks
Sometimes I feel like I wanna kill everyone I seeYou might also like