Useless people

TitleUseless people
AlbumLet’s Lane
Release Date2022-09-18
Useless people
Useless people
Useless people
I hate them fucking useless people

[Verse 1]
There's a little group of people I call useless cause they clueless they couldn't do less they obsess
About me when I undress
I don't ask them why they obsess I bet they act deprеssed doing their best so obsеssed that these useless people have 16 hundred friends
But still can't fix loose ends
They do drugs will mistie knots to make nooses but still act fucking abusive
People that I hate
Every day piss me off get outta my way
Loving in public drugs dun dun it
Weather you're feeling bad or a mother fucking target
Cause little things I get called make progress to make me hate people in my life
I see Walking and talking about how it has to be
Like fuck you mean i should get girls at 17
Bitch be you still be smoking weed and telling me how it has to be
Get your life together or better be the useless people that you'll fucking be
You really wanna see me on the stage doing sage just being me
Do you wanna be in my place meeting fans and making money
Is that all you want in life is smoking with your mother fucking buddys
Well fuck it kill yourself your futures kinda funny
I've been getting pretty lucky might have to write a book
Fuck books I wanna write hooks
I know what I want I wrote it in stone
You can't want none all you do is stay home
On your own
So don't complain
When you get friend zoned
By 6 hoes doing drugs
To bleed out of your nose
Your life is a lose lose mine is a win win
Even when I lose I get powers to make me write shit
Fuck you bitch
When I was in grade 5
You started shit thinking I couldn't handle it but I've been beat up so much I savor it
Cause nothings the matter I couldn't be gladder i'm immune to the pain to beat me to the ground like batter
So call me the fucking mad hatter
Cause I'm a madman and I couldn't be gladder while you couldn't be fatterYou might also like