Where I’m from

TitleWhere I’m from
AlbumLet’s Lane
Release Date2022-08-28
It's CapDude
I'm back dude
You thought ide leave you and stop this shit
But i ain't gonna leave until i drop dead bitch
So suck my motha fuckin dick

[Verse 1]
Where I'm from
We set the bar so high
It's like an alcoholic who's drunk and high
And most of the girls here don't like guys
No wonder why people here get shot and die
The populations 166000
So how's the thousand who kill people
For houses and get spouses to leave em for guys with more money and more couches
Need some vouchers
Poorest man with clarеns blaring streets and not caring
I used to sit near thе window and
Talk to Mr Let Down check email
For remails bring the stocks down to dox how this town can't pay for Lee nails
Deep nails held together the free rails I take to see my real pals
Listen to the night sounds of my town
While i wait for gunshots to ring out
Dogs blare too loud and stop signs
Seem skip out
Fast cars seem to speed now
[Verse 2]
No bro but this town ain't no goat
Got cops who don't know no shit and hate my bros but we didn't break no road rules
Or tote tools we just vibing outside of our schools pants down pants half mother fuckin loose
I knew some fucking friends who took a noose to their neck tube jumped down and died on the mic
Dude I'm traumatized but I realized that life is just mother fucking do or die
So i spit shit on the mic but i feel like it I can't stand the comments ment to spite it
Don't you fucking get it how I suffer eh
Act like i'm fuckin suffering
Cause it makes me fuckin suffocate
I know that if I move away now it's all gone
But I don't wanna lose my life or my songs
But you can't go wrong when you wrong someone that you know
You gone right into their palm like a palm tree
Leaves that been gone for so mother fucking long
They been gone for so long that the airs think like a post card leave the trees off and the winds on
But you can't still walk out in the wind and sob
Eating corn on the cob
Winds blowing me like your mom
And If you wanna feel happy
This is the wrong song

You got no fuckin clue what i been on
I been through hell and back
I been bullied and beat to crap
But i still don't stop doing rap
Cause i really don't give a crap
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Just to fuckin spite you i won't stop mother fucking rhyming
And i ain't lying i will never stop doing these motha fuckin rhymes
Cause i don't give a shit what you fuckin say about it
Imma keep doing it