Fruits of Toil (Book of Ecclesiastes)

TitleFruits of Toil (Book of Ecclesiastes)
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Lyrics[One winter day in Trinidad W.I. my great uncle put me on to the Book of Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament of the Bible. He claimed to have gained much knowledge in this text. I do not know if I made the same inferences as he, but what I read inspired me to write the lyrics for Fruits of Toil

We, as arrogant humans, attempt to master the boundless, ageless universe in the span of four scorе. We attempt this by acquiring from without instead of drawing from within. Fruits of Toil is an odе to man's pathetic attempt at greatness through acquisition. No matter what we own or who we are, at the end we are all reduced to a frail conglomeration of flesh. We are led to chase after the bronze calves of profit and greed until there is no more chase in us. Then we die

The bodies we feed to opulently become yellow and atrophied. The spirits we neglect are listless. If the masses stopped this franctic chase after the ghost of capital to entertain just one introspective thought, this horrible system will dissolve. The masses will establish a sovereign identity and the elite will face a painful demise.]

Change your face (change your face)
Show your eyes (change your face)
Burn the books (show your eyes)
Burn the lies (canonize)

All the saints, all the pain. All the lust, all the wealth show your shame, show the pain. Show yourself, show yourself. WE STRIVE AFTER WIND

In yours words, In your deeds. Such a farce, I can see. Through your words, to your heart. Your intent, your history. Hide in words, hide in gain you know well what is plain. You are naked, in the eyes of the truth you deny. You disguise

Change your face (change your face)
Show your eyes (change your face)
Burn the books (show your eyes)
Burn the lies (burn the lies)

Nothing you can do. Nothing you can say. Nothing you can try. Could matter cause when we die we ever rise. Material lies they Materialize. Leave them behind, find that we will ever rise

All the saints, all the pain. All the lust, all the wealth. Show your shame, show the pain. Show yourself, show yourself

As we move forward toward the positive paradigm. We create and build the foundation of a new kind armed with the knowledge that your enterprise is malign. You can’t take your excess to the grave
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The only true course is for spiritual pride. Don’t deny the God within for the Sin inside


It started like this. Man had perfection. Man had the first gift. It was corrupted by lies and deception. The greatest deception, is how they coaxed us in to bowing in submission to bitches and the rodents. The pantheon of gods of our own destruction. We must mute their violence and direct it on them. A stream of their evil reversed on their children. Then we'll gain conscious. The greatest sin is Miseducation. We'll create the new human, start with woman. Burn the torrid bridges

Forward! Through truth we will gain justice. That is our sole objective. The war will have an ending and things will be as they were