ArtistDesigner Disguise
Release Date(not set)
LyricsWake up, face pressed in the dirt again
It’s hard to stay up when i just end up getting hurt again
Im Jaded, claiming they came to free us
Taking a walk down these streets ya see just
What it means by the way that they treat us they
When they
Leave us defeated
Deceived by the lines that they feed us
Hope we concede to their lies and that we just
Fall in line and give allegiance
In sеarch of some power benеath us
And when it’s retrieved we’ve achieved what?
Cause peace in the eyes of who lead us came with the price of the lives that they cheated
And it feels like i’ve been
Chewed up
And spit out that i'll never figure it out yeah im a
Im a screw up
No direction and i question
If i only knew what
What it’d take to grasp my fate
And let it all go

Don’t think i can make it
I'm three steps from feeding the ground
This thought I can't shake it at all
Ooo the end of the world coming true
I’m three steps from feeding the ground
I just want to break it all

Can't see no light in this tunnel Im bound
To live amidst darkness longing to be found
I think that we all are doomed

Wake up, morning light hits the iris I'm miffed
Can’t believe i made it through the night it’s kinda scary the way that i get
Heard a dude at the bar with news from afar that caught me blindsided
About a feud in the stars was the fuse to be sparked in my mind that’s when i decided that
You might also likeI know i know I can't keep living this way
I’ve been waiting for something to change
No more will they kick me around
Was lost but i found
A new focus to channel my rage

I believe in a second chance
Offered by each tick of the second hand
Now I see it
Opportunities awaiting me
It’s just what i needed
A newfound purpose, and now it hurts just knowing that I could’ve let it all go

I think I can make it
Im three steps from leaving the ground
This hope taking shape in the stars
Ooooo it’s Not the end we’ve been fooled
My feet finally leaving the ground
I know I can break them all


The voice of the silent rings through
The noise of the lost stays in tune
I can’t stop thinking that maybe it’s you who is doomed
I think we can make it
In whispers our vision abounds
With dreams I will meet in the stars oh
Oooo my past shrinks behind in rear view
A lifeline to see my fate through