AlbumForgetfully Washed Into Callousness
Release Date(not set)
LyricsRip it and sleep
Flip over and weep
No feeling left
Nerve endings bittersweet

Say nothing
Dried up soul
Make amends
Tie the loose end

Say nothing
Dried up soul
Make amends
Forget the noose end
Come to grips with past selves
In hopes to shed old habits
Can I sleep yet

I was once a slave to my flesh
Peeled it off in hopes of a better life
But all that was left was a bloody mess
That just couldn't be undone
Foolish me, to think that I could be forgiven
For my flesh, rippеd off as a sacrifice
All in the name of vanity
But now I see that it was all for naught
And though my skin will nеver be the same
I know that I am finally free

When I travel time nowhere
I get so lost and scared
I don't know what to do
All I can think about is you
I just need you to know
That I'll be thinking of you always
And no matter how far I go
You'll always be my homeYou might also like