AlbumForgetfully Washed Into Callousness
Release Date(not set)
LyricsI watched a little batch of kittens
Clinging to each other for dear life
They were saved by some kind birds
Who swooped down just in time
The kittens yelp in fear
And the birds chirped in reassurance
That everything would be alright
The kittens were flown to safety
And everyone lived happily ever after

This unlikely event sparks me to press my luck and face a fear
A walk into those woods by the cemetery
I can't help but feel a little bit nervous
The trees are so tall and thick
And I can't see the sky
I don't know what's in here
But I hope I'll be safe
I keep walking and walking
Hoping to find something
I spot a large cat
Deep in the woods
Stuck in a collapsed tree
I'm worried for the cat
Deep in the woods
Far from any help
The cat is injured
Deep in the woods
Unable to move

I brave the elements, rain begins to fall sharply
I reach carefully
Our eyes meet, worry and fear
I free the cat and make a friend for lifeYou might also like