ArtistJIMMY (formerly Jimmy Luna)
Release Date2022-12-02
LyricsPart I

We gon get it out the mud
And I gotta keep it player
Know I'm gonna keep it player lil baby
We gon get it out the mud
And I gotta keep it player
Know I'm gonna keep it player lil baby
Verse 1
I'm not thuggin', from the hood, I stay out them trenches
Got on them grand pappy pants, I don't sag my britches
You see in order for me to win, sometimes I gotta take some Ls
Baby, for the low price of $1300 you can pay my bail
And don't forget
I done seen you lil muhfuckas with the ski masks on and don't put in no work
It take a square to know a square, you just wanna hang with them gangsters
Real Gs'll tell you take yo lil stupid ass home shorty

Part 2

Verse 2
Where my dark skins at?
I got family out in thе Bay all the way to the Sac
Put myself on thе map
Put the West on my back
Put the power, pain and the struggle and tears on the track
I be on South St., I be on Cherry
I be eatin' Soul Food Renaissance merry
I was goin' to school over in Paramount
How many fights and scuffles? Nigga a fair amount
JIMMY on welfare
Not a flexer, I'm not insecure
Niggas get rich spend dat on neckwear
Fuck fame, I'm staying obscure
Tell a french muhfucka "bonjour hoe"
Call your ex, tell them "you a immature hoe"
Cookin' in the kitchen now my wrists are sore
Heard I just won World's Biggest Dick award
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Verse 3
Workin' in the studio my day shift
If you don't know nothin' why you even gotta say shit?
Kids these days
I'm not pleased these days
Everybody dying young, come in 3s these days
Keep on my head on swivel, they killed Pac on a main street
Matter of fact I grew up right there on the same street
Born in Vegas, I was destined for the greatness
First show was at House of Blues, but I don't bang shit
Profile they profile
I just want a simple lifestyle, gun us down
Just for existin'
But that's okay, we still gon turn up
Middle finger to the opps up on capitol hill, yeah
Stay sober, I ain't poppin' no pills
Stay solid while I'm payin' my bills
I'm young in my prime
Tryna steer the kids in the ghetto from the crime
Do it through the rhymes, yeah

Part 4

Verse 4
Goin' up so I'm finna go crazy
Walkin' through the hood, givin' out dubs and above
Doin' more than Jay Z
We ain't waitin' for no white boy, waitin' for no muhfucka look like Patrick Swayze
R I P to a thug named Sherry, not a thug cuz she robbed cuz she sticked around and raised me
That's that gangsta shit
Everybody pro black til they lockin'
Why you still in the streets when yo baby need diapers?
You burnt out, you think you lit lit, but you a weirdo
Get a job or a hobby or blog nigga
It's 2022, get yo shit right
Wanna be a ball player? Hit the gym homie
Wanna be a rap nigga? Hit the the stu homie
Shoot a film fo you shoot another black man
Part 5

Verse 5
Standin' ovation for me they clappin'
Got em in *GHETTOLAND doin' backflips
JIMMY all caps, wanna be massive
But still keep the underground active
Feel like Kendrick, I am attractive
Feel like Snoop, nigga i'm worldwide
Feel like Pac, I am Legendary
Feel like Dre, born up in February
Feel like Eazy E, remember me
Feel like Sugar Free, I keep it G
Feel like Spice 1, i'm nice huh?
Feel like E40, they root for me
Feel like Nate Dogg, bring back the hook

Cuz this a *HOOD CLASSIC