ArtistJIMMY (formerly Jimmy Luna)
Release Date2022-12-02
Here's a story
When I was 20 years old, a rude security guard kicked me out of Knott's Berry Farm employee parking lot for sleeping in my car I never got to get that anger out
Until now

Guard: Yeah, I'm inspecting the vehicle
Yeah, I see it next to the white SUV we got a uhh light blue
Mercedes Benz, looks like California license plates
Engaging the vehicle, standby
Verse 1
1 2 3 4
Smash a flow til the building explodes
Chew thе shrapnel, mouth full of iron and gold
Everybody is a thug til the govеrnment shows
That everybody is expendable, your bucket of roses
Everybody tryna keep up with the Joneses
Everybody tryna keep up with the Joneses
Everybody tryna keep up with the Joneses
But at the end of the day, everybody is homeless

You don't own shit on this planet
Somebody you've never even seen does
Find him. Kill him. Take that nigga's shit!

Drop it

Verse 2
For every damn bullet of ammo that we own
A hundred thousand homes could be given on Skidrow
Universe forbid we give em a hand
I bet they'd fix it- if it aligned with their brand
Fuck that, put a rifle in all of their hands
I bet they'd fix it quick if we was a threat to their land
Domestic terrorists in disguises
The revolution will be televised it'll be wireless
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I barely had meals can you see my ribs
The only way to get yours is take that shit
Fuck a riot, start a global wide crisis
First world country but what makes us so righteous
Every night cold, I was sleepin' like lifeless
The only thing I saw was a really white brightness

Guard: Sir
Yes get the fuck up
Yeah, we need your nigga ass out our
Great big pure white parking lot pronto
Yeah I don't care if you clearly don't have a home to go to
You can sleep in your hunk of junk vehicle but you can't do it here

JIMMY: Well fuck you then

*gun shots*

Guard: Please… please, I'm sor- *gun shot*

They don't come to the hood
Nobody, Apple Music, Spotify, the record labels, radios, blogs nobody
No one comes here, their families settled in different areas
So we didn't even get to grow up around the people
Who would end up being in positions of power
And they have no interest in being genuine friends with people like us
We can't be ourselves around them
So we have to get it out the mud ourselves
Imagination is the bridge between us and where we want to be
Imagination is our weapon