Trading Freestyle

TitleTrading Freestyle
AlbumBefore We Go
Release Date(not set)
It’s me again
Invest in stocks
Let’s go

Just made a milly from investing in stocks
Shoutout to my brothers selling weed and the rocks
And me, I’m all about that shit for real
All I know 5 for 30 a pretty good deal
My portfolio bigger than Ashton’s belly
So many drugs, my room must be kinda smelly
I’m as high as a kite up on in the sky
Making money but I sometimes ask myself why?
By that I mean I really wanna show it off
But the opps around see P and they want your head off
That’s why I keep grinding, a golden gift in the dark
The wood of the Norses, I got the gift of the bark
Back to stocks because I’m making all the right deals
Going up and then down like a burg of seals
But my P only go up, it doesn’t ever go down
5000% or I’ll be going down
In a line of weed, because I’m super high
Like Ross said im all up in the sky
In terms of highness, up to an all time new
Investing in stocks the right thing to do
50 racks in 2 years, shit was getting slow
Then it started to blow, higher towards the moon
Like a RAF bomber shit was going boom
I was making my millions investing in Doge
With my powerful influence, I was the king of Dope
But now let’s take a second and thank God for this
Just kidding man, I’m an atheist
I mean thank God I invested, like really who am I?
If I was still in school trying to survive
I’m out in the word just using my coins
And Trading stocks has given me a voice
Wheezus is rich and that’s the truth
Nah man I’m just capping in the boothYou might also like