ArtistJoe Budden
Release Date(not set)
Lyrics[Hook - Emanny]
Ever felt like the World’s on your back and you need some love say AYO
And its hard to keep your life intact while they holding you back, scream AYO
When enough is enough and it feels like
No matter what you do, nothing ever goes right
If you feel like me, let me hear you say AYO

[Verse 1 - Joe Budden]
Nah, it ain't pills
So if I ain't myself as of late then it relates to another ordeal
Don’t suggest out ya mouth that maybe I’m stressed out
Or it's God tryna test Mouse
Everything about me is changing and its new to me
I’m 29 going through a new puberty
Unusually the niggas that make moves, take cues from me
And sayin' that I’m acting real foolishly
Well let me just explain my state
See I’m thinking at a whole nother rate
Hungry but I’m ordering with my eyes so there’s too much on the plate
Which means I can’t digest what I just ate
Wait, I’m paying too much, stop me if I pop me an oxy
I’m not me, will somebody stop me or copy
And tell me calm down nigga, relax
I tell em calm down, let me relapse
[Hook - Emanny]

[Verse 2 - Joe Budden]
Yo, they telling me, the change is significant
Standing in the front but can’t see what they witnessing
I’m tryna take criminals, litigants, goon type niggas and turn em into business men
Change thinking patterns, give em business sense
Make ‘em model citizens, hang me if it’s a sin
Watch the cash come, patience I’m past
I’m tryna create demand for a girl who never had none
Be more bright, you fighting me all night
Well if I died tomorrow I’mma make sure you be alright
Turn students into teachers, followers to leaders
But I strain my arm the further I try to reach it
Don’t misread it, I ain't book smart but lets stay on the same page, let me be the bookmark
I know more, I can’t take no more so I show more
I kill me so you can have anything you hope for


[Verse 3 - Joe Budden]
Ay, you ever try pulling a hat trick without magic
Shit, I’m doing outta habit, it’s outta habit
Cause I’ll flair up, high temper I’ll react quick
And go and try to fist fight a nigga without a ratchet
It’s funny, we all go and ask for wealth
But won’t none of us, ask for help
Well maybe I need to get some
And I’m like fuck giving niggas a fish
Follow me and I’mma teach you how to catch one
Still they tell me I’m delusional
But there’s other niggas under this illusion too
It’s Karma catching up and misusing dudes
I can’t think straight, look at what confusion’ll do
So I sink my knees in the floor
God musta restocked, something new gotta be in store?
I make board outta bad hand
Trust me I got an exact plan
I’m a genius not a mad manYou might also like