Square Up

TitleSquare Up
ArtistLil Polygon
Release Date(not set)
DescriptionThis song was for Lil Polygon’s Geometry project.
Lyrics(Shivam did not make this beat)
Lil’ Polygon hoppin’ on this beat. (Polygon Gang)
We finna get an A on this
Lets go
A quadrilateral is a polygon with four sides
Only straight edges this rule they must abide
Their six types and now we put aside
Yeah (gang gang)
Look at this demonstration
Based on my calculation
You will notice
That a square
Meets the definition
Of half of the available categorizations
Like rectangle, parallelogram, rhombus
The sides extend lateral (yeah aight)
LIke the square equilateral
And Lil Polygon steppin on this beat
Squares equilateral like another treat
Parallelogram sides parallel like a street
Rectangles are stretched squares, how neat
Diagonals of ‘grams are congruent, take a seat
Yeah, (mm)
Y’all mess with Lil Polygon, I’m finna do some calculus on you
Yeah (whatcha gonna do)
Keep it up and y’all gonna do some theorems
Turn up beat 2 (yeah, ight)
I made verse 1 fast
Now 2 is slow
Trapezoids have uneven bases
But difficulty’s low
The formula is easy
Now the seeds I sow
Median splits in half
But the bases no
It’s pretty simple
Like a small dose
Isosceles like this
Kinda like a nose (going critical!)
Irregular like a shoe
One thing I do
Hit up beat 3. (aight, now!)
Parallelograms have special properties
Pairs are congruent and parallel
Opposite angles are equal
Look at this diagram, they slanted like this rhyme
That’s done
Quadrilaterals are very simple
None of them are dented like dimples
You are not popping like a pimple
Rhombus squished, hit by a cymbal
These shapes like a book, a Kindle
Kite is on a string like a spindle
Irregular trapezoids like a rip van winkle
Crimple (gang gang)
Hand this beat off and not oversimple
Kites are simple things
Stretched, like strings
Triangles like kings
Split in half
Like a calf
Easy swings
Lesgo (You better have caught that)
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