Release Date2022-11-30
LyricsDon’t let me grab the moon or Sun

I’m a rule the world thru the darkness

I’m stepping out the attic

Gotta show how really far apart I am from yall

Everyday niggas pressing

I ain’t hop on some wave

Even with a screw loose

Im Still get it in my own way

I don’t got shit to prove

I Say it like day to day

The hidden alchemist

Came out his shell for once
You might also likeLet’s flip him off

And tell him it all comes with love

I keep plucking his thoughts

I ain’t picking nothing but his brain

More often than not

Keep losing myself

Down his train of thought

Let’s gets back on track

Here to raise some hell and show my art

Y’all can hold my dick

Working for the push to start
Y’all can’t hold me back

I’m shooting past thе stars

See I’m rhyming from afar

Damn Nvy you rapping your ass off

I mean I gots to

Who else gonna work this hard for mе

Nvy take your time with it just gotta let’em see

Find some comfort thru the pressure

I feel it all on my back now

But I can’t break down

Can’t be pressed

Over what I can’t handle

I’ve gotta learn to let it be
Tomorrow not promised

And I still got a lot to see