7 waves

Title7 waves
ArtistPau Moran
Release Date(not set)
Lyrics'Cause with you I feel good
No need to be insecure anymore
Yeah, with you it's all changing
Now my time is not wasted, i got you
Being with you it's like the first ray of sun
I finally feel untied
And when i wake up on your side
I have no other place I want

Except my room
Me and you
Me and you in my room there's no need to get out of the room, so just stay here tonight, I know we'll be alright
Know we'll be alright

'Cause with you time flies by
And I honestly don't know why
And you know i'd do anything to leave those tears out to dry

Now it's late in the night and I tell hеr: "Goodbye, I love you"
She says: "sonha comigo quе eu sou o teu bem"
But u know, I obviously will… I mean…

It's you, you are the one who made me believe in love
You are the one who makes me strong
So for you i'd froze my feet on a winter night
And jump 7 waves, make a wish if you wantYou might also like