Carlo’s Circus

TitleCarlo’s Circus
ArtistPurple Gang
AlbumStrikes (Expanded Edition)
Release Date1968-01-01
LyricsThe big top's leaving town
I want to go with them
I can see that it's the only life for me

Uncle Joe is going, too
His trousers are baggy
But he is the funniest man alive

What am I to say?
Everyone's going along their way
They're moving round the world
They're moving round the world
They're off to Italy
[1:23 ?] tomorrow
Where I know I can be what I wanna be

Oh, the king is [1:34 ?], too
They think you're just crazy
But trains can't hold that big boy down

Mister Carlo, please
Will you let me fly your trapeze?
Fly me round the world
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