Priest Lake

TitlePriest Lake
ArtistSilouan suiter
Albumwith crows
Release Date2022-11-11
LyricsAt the edge of Priest Lake where the water meets the land
I sat down on a stone by the feathers and needles you left
I came out to complain to the stillness but I lost my nerve
Now I'm searching the sky to tell
If there's a heaven to cover
Our bets laid in hell
Whether I should go home
Or stay here and hang myself

These 29 years I'm stuck down here, I should know morе than this
It's all bought and sold from the start, if you're losing just quit
It's all bosses and landlords and bankеrs and presidents
No such thing as a change in your luck
If someone's holding the clover
Someone's getting fucked
The hunter, the hound, the cape rush and the reeds, or the duck
Corner lots of oblivion we build our houses upon
A chorus of idiots, we sing to our Saint Hangers-On
Promises of disaster just after the praises are sung
And the cancer has nothing to say
It just whittles you down
And throws you away
And nobody's selling a new disease anyway

The edge of the water is no place for feathers and dope
A whisper to nobody testing the strength of the rope
I came out to complain but there's no one around that I know
And I don't need to see how it ends
All that's crooked today
Will be crooked again
Forever and ever and ever and ever
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