Your Way Down

TitleYour Way Down
ArtistSilouan suiter
Albumwith crows
Release Date2022-11-11
LyricsWhen we've had enough of your graveside energy
We tuck our shirts in and leave you
And settle up with our shipwrecked whores
Our punish-gluttons and our detritivores
We love them 'cause they'll never tell the truth

The miracle can sort it out
After all the forks and knives are polished
I never liked the taste of silver anyhow
I was throwing the polish down
Give me horsemanship and war devices
It's a radio razor and a digital blood
And you can't tell who to crucify and who to trust
You just know someone's been lying about the danger in all this dust
One wound on display
And one you cover up

And they pay the same to see it as they did before
And the laugh-lines make you look smarter but a little bored
And I don't feel welcome on this side of town anymore
So if we're all dying, let's go die in new york

And all that it gets you
The bald patch on the wheel
That put you in the wall
The glass that you burn into
I hope you feel it all
I hope you feel it all
On your way down
You said it quiet but you said it might be ending now
With hands out like christ
And your false teeth full of lies
Bite down hard enough
You taste copper and it's over
And you're not wrong but you're not right
And you're not right but you're no liar
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