​stand on dat / laugh at em 3

Title​stand on dat / laugh at em 3
Release Date2023-01-20
Ooh, ooh

Stop all that cryin' and shit
Nigga stop all that lyin' and shit
Drugs got him losin' his mind and shit, man, this dumb nigga never should've signed the shit
Niggas be livin' a lie and shit, man, I know what goes on all behind the shit
Bro tryin' act tough for the live, but I ain’t see you at the show, you was hiding, bitch
I was thinking shit was one-sided, but I ain’t say shit, I was staying silent, bitch
Niggas told me you was wildin', you was my twin so I ain't try to acknowledge it
But you got to stop all the nonsense, I know the reason you never was droppin' shit
And my niggas caught you on camera in front of your crib, gettin’ your dumbass rocked and shit
Now this nigga think he my opp and shit, but really this shit ain't no beef
I'm the one, not the two and the three, I watched these nigga turn fool in a week
It's a nerd nigga, tryin' be a vamp
Switch on yo' day onеs, could never be mе
I done had these niggas stabbed me in my back
Talking shit, I'm only worried 'bout the breesh
Think I know the reason, this lil' nigga mad
How my lil' bro turned his ho into a treesh (The fuck goin' on Maajins?)
Niggas on my dick so I got in my bag
This another flow, he tried to steal from me
Got another son, yeah, I'm this nigga dad
He can't really knock me, so he gotta tweet
Ever since the switch up, he been doin' bad
Bitch I know the real you, niggas they gon’ see
Ayo, tell that nigga Dami he a fag
Career in the dump, he tryna go retrieve it
Let me keep it P, you was in my phone tryna cut the plea
And I got receipts
Oh, that was your ho? Now that bitch with me
I don't gotta beef, bitch, I’m really trollin' and I got em' heated
Niggas lyin' through his teeth, you can stop the act
'Cause who really believe it?
(You was a fan before all of this shit, don’t think I forgot the shit either
Look at my lil' daughter, Steven
Tryna get them to believe that he signed me, can somebody tell me the reason?
I know the real you, let's quit all the bullshit
If I call you "My brother", I mean it
Niggas switched but I already seen it)You might also like