Woman Fever

TitleWoman Fever
ArtistSteve Vai
AlbumVai / Gash
Release Date2023-01-20
LyricsHey, look out, oh
I got woman fever, doctors do me no good
Oh, when they walk by my brain don't do what it should
I want my honey from a queen bee, yeah, yeah, yeah
That's when it tastes so good

My temperature rises, uh
I feel like bursting to flames
Oh, but they're so fine, always blowin' my mind
Whenever they whisper my way
I need a shot to save me, yeah, yeah, yeah
I need some savoir-faire
A woman give you love
A woman break your heart
But when you're down on the ground
That woman brings you up, up, up, up

Woman fever, I got the woman fever
Cryin' do you no good, I'm crying my eyes out
Give me a shot of somethin', yeah, yeah, yeah
Shoot me, shoot me, shoot me, shoot me, baby
Come on, let's go, oh, I can take it

Ah, I'm shot, wail that guitar
Hey, give me a shot, uh
I ain't never gonna stop
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no
I'm never gonna give you up
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