Intro (Penultimate)

TitleIntro (Penultimate)
ArtistStyles P
Release Date2023-01-27
I let that 180 negative go you know
A 180 positive is always there, that's the balance
Yeah (Vinny Idol Nigga)

Filled wit' disgust, what should I discuss?
Make a lot of money, becomes a lack of niggas you can trust
Dealt a bullshit hand, but I played the Royal Flush
Got a bad habit since Black Garf Rabbit was a clutch
We was just teens my nigga in VW's
Now as a grown man nigga, I need W's
I ain't tryna trouble you nigga, I'm tryna bubble you
That could be a money or scar, are you lovable?
If you ain't one of my niggas, I'm not huggable
Try to extort me nigga, I'm not thuggable
Chuckin' the brown gun, yellin' out good grief
But is grief good if you come from a hood street?
I get dirty like Pig Pen, but I don't do the Pig Pen
Probably in a 5-star gettin' some good sleep
If it ain't bullеtproof, is it really a good Jeep?
But it's never to duck niggas
Know mе, quick to say ''Fuck niggas, what up?''
When I'm keepin' it tucked niggas
Viper not a Dodge, hope you get the drift
Get to drift, 'cause I bought the work and I took the shift
Been through all the gears, you found out what it took to shift
Gritty nigga, know a pretty nigga that'll book a bitch
Now you could look at that, you could look at this
On the lean, you either where the fiends or the cookers is
Don't be a simp, either where the pimps or the hookers is
Yeah, I'm out, are you in wit' me?
You better pray I feel your energy
If not, you a memory
Gun is the defense nigga, no offendin' me
From mob life to the God life
Keep it clean in the God ciph'
If not, you in the God sight
Knowin' me, you don't wanna die in a bar fight
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