The Rats Revenge Pt. 1

TitleThe Rats Revenge Pt. 1
ArtistThe Rats [Garage band]
AlbumThe Rat’s Revenge
Release Date1965

We're gonna have the Rat's revenge on you
You made our leader
Look like a fool (an idiot)
You better have your mama here
To walk you home from school
(To walk you home from school, baby, boink!)

We're gonna have the Rat's Revenge on You
You better - to be alone for a minute or two
Because the Rats will always have
An eye on you
(Big eye on you baby, right there in the hole)
The Rats are everywhere (Ratfink)
One Rat world, super rat, giant rat, big rat, little rat! Fat, short, skinny rat!

We are the genuine, original - ah god! (Our god, we'll hard)
Aw man, oo, in time you'll learn-
Yeah man you'll learn to despise-
Yes, you will learn to despise us, hate us even, you will dislike us vehemently

Gigantic rats

[Guitar solo]

Big super rat lose your mind baby!
Super gorilla!
Gigantic O Rat, leader of the group, the pack, you are our leader, our fearless leader, but we will have our revenge!
Yes, The Rats will have their revenge, oh fearless super leader giant rat!

Oh, you get it, baby, you got the awful beat!
Yeah, baby! You got it, man!
You play with your feet!

We're gonna have The Rats' revenge on you (Yes we are, yes we are)
You made our leader look like a fool
You better have your mama here
(Your mama better be here baby)
To walk you home from school!
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You better believe it! We want revenge!
Do us revenge! We're hiding in the locker room! Down in the sewer! There's Rats in every sewer!
Revenge! We want revenge!
Super sewer rats!
You won't believe it!