Deep lamenting

TitleDeep lamenting
ArtistThomas Morley
AlbumCanzonets to Three Voices
Release Date(not set)
LyricsDeep lamenting, grief, bewraying;
Poor Amintas thus sat saying:
Glut now thine eyes full
While I lie here adying;
Killed with disdain
Alas, and pity crying;
Now, mayst thou laugh full merrily;
For dead lo is the man
Dead is thy mortal enemy
O no, weep not
I cannot bide this blindness;
All too late now God wot
All too late comes this kindness
But if you would that death should
Death of life, of life should deprive me;
Weep not alas lest you revive me
Weep not lest you thereby revive me
Ah cease to bеwail me
My life now doth fail meYou might also like