Release Date2023-01-20
DescriptionA little tribute to the rapping style of Destroy Lonely and how no matter how many times you feel destroyed, you’re stronger than ever
Just let me go, I'm deplorable
Everything's not right
I don't know, I'm out of sight

[Verse 1]:
Out of sight, out of mind
I don't know, I just waste my time
I'm destroyable, I'm lonely, but I'm not Destroy Lonely
I don't know about that, don't own me
Oh my god, all by myself (Uh)
I'm destroyable, I'm feeling out of hope right now (Ah)
Destroyable, by myself (Uh, like "Shit, I need help")
Uh, done with that bitch, myself (Ugh)
Don't want to- (Shit, like, "oh well")
Oh my god, not welcomed
Don't want a bitch, I sell (Ugh)
Sticking to me like velcro
I don't even know, bitch's got to go
[Verse 2]:
Got to go, get the fuck out of my face
I'm done with that bitch, let me hit you with mace
Oh my god, we don't need to embrace
I don't give a fuck, nigga, in brace
Embrace all the time that you had before you died, uh
I don't know (I'm-, I'm-, I'm-)

I'm not able to help you see through
I'm not going to help you

[Verse 3]:
I'm destroyable
I don't care about that nigga, I'm deplorable
Trapped in grim, my life is-
Done with the strife, I don't care about this, it's not right
You tried to destroy me (Uh) I'm so incredible like Hulk
I don't know, I'm too big, like- (Shit, I come in bulk)
I don't care, don't get scared, don't flinch, don't fight back
I'd of-, uh, put you back on a lynch
Put you back on the ropes (I don't know) On a roll?
I don't care, I don't care, you know this shit's just a joke?
You're not able to destroy anything (Uh)
You can't help me (Uh), I can't help you
You're destroyable, "So is you're ego, dude"
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Destroyable, is it really that deplorable?
Enjoyable? I don't know
I can't say less, I can't say less
I'm heavy like boulder, shot to the chest