ArtistTret Fure
AlbumTret Fure
Release Date1973
LyricsBig Jim was standing
Leaning on a gatepost
Chewing on a wheat straw
Looking t'wards the barn

Out of the shadows
Marty John came running
Carrying the papers
Selling him the farm

Oh, oh, where will you go?
Big Jim, you're running again
Oh, oh, what do you know?
Jim's heard the willow's refrain
Sadly mistaken
For another person
Jim was apprehended
For stealing a car

Locked in a small room
Screaming that he's guiltless
Still they keep him safely
Locked behind the bars

Oh, oh, what do you know?
They've got Jim locked up again
Oh, oh, please let him go
'Cause he's heard the willow's refrain

Joseph was crying
Bleeding from his conscience
As he thought of Big Jim
Sitting in a jail

Driving down main street
Heading for the station
Practicing confessions
Ready to be nailed

Oh, oh, what do you know?
Joseph feels free once again
Oh, oh, watch how he goes
'Cause he's heard the willow's refrainYou might also like