ArtistYSR Gramz
Release Date2021-10-25
LyricsI done fell the fuck off
I've been up before
Shit, I used to trust niggas
I don't trust no more
I done bust down a couple P's
Fuck selling them whole
I done pass the ball to my nigga
Like a pick and roll
You ain't loyal to your nigga
You got a different soul
Brody put a stick on his Glock
He got a different pole
I don't wanna fuck girl no more
She won't leave me alone
Brody took the stick off his hip
He don't need no pole
I just poured a four in my pop
Like i got a cold
I just bought a new Moncler
Cuz it's getting cold
Shooter nigga forty-some times
Do that nigga (?)
If i ain't catching planes OT
Then I'm on a roll
I don't trust none of these niggas
Cuz these niggas bold
I don't fuck with Doggy Dog
Cuz that nigga told
I need a million for my son
Cuz im getting old
You know them diamonds in my chain
Them bitches rose gold
You left your nigga when he went broke
You a poor hoe
You might also likeYour nigga set a play on your mans
He got a bold soul
Them bros touchdown like a field goal
Where I'm from the city looking like a skidrow
I stomp a nigga out in some steel toes
Got a stick in my Glock
Look like a dildo
Bitch like "Do you love me Gramz?"
I'm like "Hell no"
I'm tryna make it out this bitch
It's a hellhole
All the shit that i been through
You will never know
I remember niggas talkin bout "You will never blow"
I been everywhere around the world, you will never go
Nigga got a gun on his hip, but he will never blow
I bet a hundred thousand dollars on a 10-4
If i fall the fuck off I'm on my ten toes
I'm in the booth right now with like ten hoes
Where the drank at?
I'm in Atlanta nigga
I got that bag on me
Like im Santa nigga
My nigga Kash pour four in a Fanta nigga
I just gave ten thousand to my granny nigga
I can't run from no man
Not even seven niggas
Bitch I'm throwing big P's
I got like seven hitters
Nigga it ain't my fault you can't get tatted(?) with us
Oh you talking all that money shit
Don't embed it nigga