ArtistYung Floky
Release Date2023-01-20
Lyrics[Chorus: Yung Floky]
Smoked hqd and put
Everything in a lung x-ray
I wanted to make heaven on earth
But it's hard to see
It wasn`t made for u
It was meant to be
And i wanted you
Out of my life
Recess on the side floor me
[Couplet 1: Yung Luv]
I’on wanna see u
I don’t wanna see ur nails
You won't hurt me with your pain
I am this pain
Fucking a whore in the back seat
If you intend to shoot
Then just shoot it in the head
Playing with your guns
No rules
I don’t wanna die
I’m still so young
I gotta get the cake with cocaine
You go to heaven, I go to hell
[Couplet 2: Ch1ef]
When i go into the party
I am happen with the shawty
Reveal all your problems
Im still - watched thе fallen
Check all this - molly and percocеt
You got a feel - party is line asset
Something inside me - i last a probably
You want a problem? you look a hopefully
At finally, i modern it
My voice is greatest on the beat
Falling love with me
Deep in love with me
When i go in the home
You feel lust for me
[Couplet 3: w8nston]
Bitches wanna date me, but my heart's forever stolen
Just tell me the reason why the fuck you left me broken
I don't have no chains, no money 'cause I'm little brokeboy
You don't even know I see in mirror hellboy
Dying out west, trying my wost
You see I'm the best, 'cause I'm out of dirt
Try to feel my pain, you'll become insane
My frozen heart is bleeding almost every fucking dayYou might also like