When I Think of You

TitleWhen I Think of You
ArtistZippy Kid
AlbumWhen I Think of You
Release Date2022-09-19
LyricsWhen I think of you I
Can't comprehend
How could I let you go
And let it end

Were so good to me I
Don't understand
How I could lose your love and
Still be a man

Now it's too late to know but
The truth stares back at me
When I look in the mirror
Don't like who I am I see

Don't know why I should go back to sleep or
Even try
The day's so long
And so is the night

If maybe you'd come back again
Then I could cope
And if we're only friends
I could still hope....

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Feel like a fool
If I could judge the past I
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And we could make it last
I'd rearrange
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